Interesting facts

  • Coca-Cola bottlers in Germany in CCI (currently 150 known)

    Baden-WürttembergBaden-Baden: Eis u. Kühlwerke Herbert Schnetzer KGDeizisau: Raco Getränke GmbH & Co KGFellbach: BWG Baden-Würtembergische Erfrischungsgetränke GmbHFellbach: Gockeler GmbHFreiburg: Getränkegesellschaft Schwarzwald GmbH & Co KGFreiburg: Oberbadische Getränkegesellschaft Franz Keim KGGomaringen: Getränkegesellschaft Schwarzwald Max Schmeling GmbH & COHeidelberg: Heidelberger Getränke GmbHHeilbronn: Karl KleinhanssKarlsruhe: Getränke-Industrie Mittelbaden...  Read more

  • "Crown Cap" in 373 languages and dialects

    Hi dear collector friends! With this language list I want to present you the word „crown cap“ in many different languages / dialects. I also paid attention on the corresponding „official“ and „common“ words as well as existing dialects. This list is still growing and I am thankful for any kind of addition or correction. Thanks to all collectors that helped me with this project!Afar (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti) - gararat alifiAfrikaans (South Africa) - bottel proppiekroonpetAlbanian...  Read more

  • Simplification of Identifying Arabic Crown Caps

    Hello dear collector fellow!For the quick indentification or checking of arabic origin countries I collected some arabic countries, capitals and bigger cities in arabic language and writing. In the most likely case the name of the country or city is written on the skirt of the crown cap.I sorted all arabic hieroglyphes by a system, in which the finding process is made easier and quicker. As we read english from left to right, I sorted the arabic names by the ending characters to recognize them...  Read more

  • Crown Cap Art

    In this section I want to introduce you different kinds of things that can be called crown cap art. Jewelry, toys, clothes and even chairs are made by crown caps which is a nice idea of recycling indeed....  Read more