Welcome, dear guest - today let me introduce you that place, which means pure relaxation for me - the botanical garden of Jena. To discover new gardens is always an adventure. For all, who want to do this on their own, I don't want to anticipate anything with my virtual walking tour. I only want to take you on this trip to make you see this wonderful place on earth though my eyes. Indeed - every trip is totally subjective and everyone of you should discover and treasure favourite plants and places on your own. As a basis for that, I gladly take YOU on a journey and I am wishing YOU entertaining pleasure of reading.

At the beginning only few dry facts and history data. After Leipzig, Jena offers the second oldest botanical garden (foundation about the middle of the 16th century). Both, Goethe and the cell biologist Schleiden were active at this place. Still today you can marvel at the old Ginkgo tree, which is told to be planted by poet and thinker Goethe. On about 4.5 hectares are located 12.000 different plant species. Today and then the main purpose of the garden is aquiring and applying botanic knowledge - not for nothing this is an university garden. (tour description) This is me standing beneath the "Pulverturm", which is to be found on the tour description as well. :)

With pre-announcement walking disabled persons can get out already on the parking of the botanical garden, on which only employees of the garden are allowed to park. The day ticket costs 4€ and the annual ticket only 30€, which is profitable for me in every case ;-) Right at the entrance area you can get your ticket plus a lot of info material and old postcards. Furthermore you can buy a lot of rare indoor plants and seeds. Right at the start or on your way you can try a coffee-to-go from the machine. Now you can decide, if you want to start with the greenhouses or with outdoor area. In sequence, the greenhouses leads through the house of cacti and succulents, the cold house including carnivors, the tropical house, a fern corner, and last but not least the butterfly house with a big pond with giant water lilies and beware! - piranhas! Now getting back to the entrance area we can start with the outdoor area. Starting, on the left side you can see perennials and annuals for sale which were grown from seeds. Last year, I found here the pretty rare Podophyllum. Passing the rose garden and a really old beech - with seats - you reach the garden pond, which invites you for a short stay as well. Passing the small wooden bridge, you arrive at the systematical area.

This path ends at the pavillon, where you can take the next rest.

From september you can't escape the charm of the colourful dahlia garden. Although its small area, it shows a big variety of sorts.

Then, passing the bust of Schleiden, you will get to the pharmacists garden turning right. On the way, you can find an old Torreya. Its fruits are even edible compared to the european relative Taxus. Directly behind the pharmacists garden a blaze of colour haunts you induced by rhododendrons in spring.

Going on, you reach the alpinum by an enchanting way, which shows splendid Acantholimons and a very nice contrast between Aubrieta and Alyssum. Also the very rare Carlina acanthifolia is to be seen here.

From the alpinum hill you can have a look at the nearby church and the Jentower, which is fondly called "Keksrolle" - "(biscuit roll)" by us. ;-)

Everyone who wants to discover the botanical garden Jena calmly and in detail should plan 1-2 hours for the whole complex. Going back to the entrance area, you can make a short sidetrip to the interior area, where different water lily sorts and annuals are planted. For me personally, at least one visit per month is mandatory and my heart blooms accompanying the flora through the seasons. If you want, you can end the Jena trip with a shopping tour to the city centre or at the nearby Café at the planetarium. Almost at the end I don't want to deprive this small jewel from you - about 10 years it lingers in my book collection and I don't wanna miss it anymore. Unfortunately it is out of print by now.