To all collector friends I wish a happy new year 2020!

In november I started to built a new soda collection and I was overwhelmed about all the helping trade friends who gave me a starter parcel for free. Special thanks is going to Alberto (PT), Andreas, Armen (AM), Christian, Gilmer (GT), Günter, Harry, Kinia (PL), Lutz, Patrick C., Patrick M., Peter (UK), René, Rich (US), Salah (IQ), Sascha and Stefano (IT) from which the parcel already arrived. My incentive for caps collection, CCI work as well as for my website came back naturally. This website will (and must) be modified a little bit. Especially the collection part. It will be structured totally different and distinguished in "current collection" and "past collection". I will pep it up by including interesting facts about my collection history and how it all started. Together with my webmaster Dmitry I will work on it and will present you the result at the end of january / beginning of february. Thanks for reading and stay tuned! :D